Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Project 7: Landscape

One of our last projects was a landscape painting. I had a lot of different landscape pictures that I had taken over Thanksgiving break. But when I was deciding on which picture to use I kept coming back to this picture my mom had taken of this really cool bridge when we had gone to tour App State not to long ago. So that's picture I ended up using. Even though we've done a bunch of painting of the course of the semester I still hate painting, I'd still much rather draw out a picture on paper rather than paint it on canvas. I guess you could say I got really bored of this project pretty fast. It was such an effort for me to finish it, but I did. First I drew out a simple sketch of the picture so I could see where everything was supposed to be. I started off by painting the sky and I layered a lot of blue and white over each other. I think it ended up looking really cool, especially in the picture. Then I moved on to the bridge itself. I had to mix a lot of different shade of grey for the bridge. It took a lot of different layers of the different shades of grey to make the bridge look kind of  like it did in the picture. The actual bridge was made of bricks but I really didn't have time to paint the whole bridge like bricks so instead I painted it to look kind of like stone. And I ended up liking the texture of the bridge more than I thought I would. Next I did the road and the shadow.The shadow was really easy to do but on the other hand the road was really hard. I realized then that the bridge should have been up higher so the perspective of the road would've looked right but I was to late, I hard already painted majority of the picture before I realized it which is why the road looks so off. Then I painted the hillside that you could see through the bridge, I loved the different shades of green in the little hill. There was supposed to be tree that you could see on the hill but as I said before I was running out of time so I decided to cut the trees and just leave it as the little hill. I think it would look so much better if I had more time to go back and fix the perspective of the piece, bur I guess it looks ok.  

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