Art 3 Final Exam

1. Success: Out of all the projects we completed this semester the one that I felt I had the most success on was the Parallel Project. The objective of this project was to take a news story and create a way to show that story using metaphors. I chose the story about how Russia was attacking the Ukraine but using the 2014 Sochi Olympics to cover up the attacks from the rest of the world. While everyone was focused on the Olympics and winning, Russia was using this time to attack the Ukraine without anyone knowing. With this project I got the chance to work some more on Photoshop and improve some of my skills using this program. I just started really using Photoshop this year so it was nice to get the chance to use it in other classes besides my Computer Art and Animation class. Since this project was based on real news events I think was important to bring attention to each news article. Even though we had to use metaphors to represent the article it still brought attention to it, because anyone who looked at the piece wants to know what your inspiration was.  

2. Do Over: If I was given the chance to do over any project I would redo the appropriation project, looking back on it I don't like it as much as I did before. At first I really liked the concept and was excited to finish it but as the project went on I liked it less and less. During this project I had sprained my right arm and I'm right handed so I had to complete most of this project using only my left hand. I feel like if I redid it I would completely change my original idea and use a new one. My new idea would be to create a Lego house ironically based off Ed Sheeran's song called Lego House. This idea would be a play on the song because he's not talking about an actual Lego house he's just using it as a metaphor. At the time if I had used this idea instead it would have been easier for me to complete without my right hand.  

3. Medium: Over the course of the year I got to work with a lot of different medium that I either haven't worked with in a long time or at all. My favorite medium that I got to work with this year was the duct tape. During the perspective project our group decided to work with duct tape as our medium. It was a lot of fun I've never thought about completing a project with duct tape before. That was probably my favorite because it was something new and different to work with and it was a group project so I got the chance to do it with a bunch of my friends. Since we had to use duct tape for this project I didn't get the chance to use the chalk like all the other groups got to use. Looking at all the other chalk murals made me wish we would've chose that medium instead. Maybe I'll get the chance to use the chalk next year.

4. Sketchbook: The warm up I liked the most was when we had draw a skeleton. The twist on this warm up was that we had to draw the negative space around the skeleton and not the positive space like we're used to. Even though I did get to finish the whole skeleton, I really liked the way the part I finished turned out. Usually I don't really enjoy drawing skeletons or people in general, but this one was starting to look like an actual skeleton which I was excited about. The point of this warm up was to help us understand negative space and help us practice it. This warm up also allowed me to practice drawing the skeleton again which I found very useful. 

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