Drawing Final Exam

1. Out of all our projects I think my best was the last project we did. For this project we each had to create at least two characters, a protagonist and antagonist, and create a story to go along with them. First off I had to come up with the characters and what I wanted their story to be. I ended up with Ali Steele, a seventeen year old "hipster" who just moved to Chicago, and Zayn Malik, an eighteen year "badboy" who always gets what he wants. Then I just started sketching what I wanted them to look like and found some references to help me draw different body positions and clothes. Next I started on their story and setting; I decided that the scene would be in one of the school's hallways and that Zayn would try and kiss Ali even though she already has a boyfriend and doesn't like Zayn at all. At the end of the scene Zayn traps Ali against one wall, feeling defenseless Ali knees Zayn in the crotch.Once he recovers Zayn pulls Ali back and slaps her across the face warning her that she'll regret it later. After drawing the environment, I started on the final copy. I drew it in pencil first, then went over parts with a fine tip Sharpie, and colored parts with the water-colored pencils. Since the scene was in a hallway I drew it as a perspective drawing giving it more depth then the original environment drawing. I also blended the water-colored pencils more on the final copy to add more value. Overall I felt like it turned out really well.

2. I feel like the project I had the most trouble with was the animal project. For this project we used Prisma colors and it was the first time I'd ever used them. So it took some time for me to figure out the best way to blend the color and make them look how I wanted them to. Since we were drawing animals the texture of the fur was very important, and I had a hard time making the fur look realistic. This project focused a lot on movement and how an animal look when they're doing certain things. Try to make sure everything was proportioned right was hard for me, I kept making certain features smaller than the body itself.When I draw animals usually I end up drawing dogs since I have one at home. But for this project I decided to challenge myself and chose to draw a snow leopard. A leopard has a different body structure that a dog so that was really challenging to learn the difference. Even though I struggled a lot with this project, I overcame a lot of obstacles and it turned out pretty well.

3. Over the course of the semester, I feel like I've improved a lot as an artist. The best way to show how I've improved as an artist would be to look at our first and last projects. Our first project was to draw a paper bag and shade the folds and creases on the bag using charcoal. The last project was to crate and draw two or more characters and their environment. For the paper bag drawing I really didn't use a lot of creativity or skills. To be honest I just drew the bag the way it looked on the table and and added a little bit of shading in some parts. Looking back on it, I think it looks really flat and it needs more shading to make the folds look more realistic Right before the end of the semester we started on the characters project, by then I felt like my drawing skills had improved a lot. I was more creative with the last project, making it more fun for me. Looking back over it I should have chosen different positions for my characters to be standing in to help set the scene more. As time went on I felt like I improved with each project.

4. To me the new way of teaching this semester was really effective. It gave the students the chance to be creative and really get into the projects because it was something they wanted to do. In the past I had to do set projects and they weren't as fun because everything was controlled. When we did the "look at the places we shall go" project the topic was very vague allowing the students to pick anything that was related to that topic. When we were done there were so many different pieces that I wouldn't have even thought about doing. By teaching this way we got to use so many different materials I'd never used before or even thought about using. I felt like I got to experience so many new techniques and skills this semester. I hope that next semester you continue to teach like this because it was so much fun for everyone.

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