Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Project 9: Invisible (choice project)

I've had the idea for this project for about a year now, ever since the song came out. I just never had the time to do it but I finally got the chance, even though it's a little bit different than my original idea. I wasn't planning on doing it in Photoshop, I was going to do it on paper with Sharpies but when I went to get started I realized the paper I had cut was going to be too small and the letters wouldn't all fit. I didn't have time to go get more paper and I knew I still had one more project after this to do. So I thought about it for a little bit and decided that I could do my idea in Photoshop which would work just as well as on paper. I should explain my idea since it's kind of confusing. So this project was inspired by the song Invisible by Hunter Hayes. The song has this message that no matter what you're not invisible and that as bad as you think life is now it's going to get better it just takes time and to mainly just be yourself, don't let others words bring you down. My idea was to take the title of the song 'Invisible' and write it in bubble letters across the page and then I was going to surround the title with the rest of the lyrics of the song but not inside the letters so you noticed the title even more. I started by finding a bubble letter font that I thought would work and typed out INVISIBLE and centered it in the middle of the page. Then I started typing out the lyrics in this font that kind of looks like it was handwritten. That took a long time, there was a different layer for each line which made it hard to keep it organized. When I got to where the INVISIBLE started I had to add a bunch of spaces between each word so it would fill the space between each letter. I tried really hard for the words to not go into each bubble letter. But I realized quickly that it was going to be hard to do because some of the words were really long and would fit in the little spaces between each letter. But I think it makes the pieces perfectly imperfect which I think goes along with the message of the song. After I finished typing out all the lyrics I went back and wherever there was the word invisible I changed the font color to red so it was more noticeable... which is pretty much the opposite of invisible but it went with the theme of the song which I really liked. I couldn't find a font that was bubble letters but was just outlined, like how I ended up making it. So to make it how I wanted I had to go over each of the letters in INVISIBLE and erase the middle so it was just an outline. I didn't think it was going to take that long but I was very wrong it took me forever to do it especially the curves in the S and the B. I think it turned out great, I love the way it looks. It may not have been my original idea but I think I like it so much more this way, more than the way I was going to do it. It looks much neater and sharp which I like a lot. Definitely one of my favorites!!

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