Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Project 8: Photograph (choice project)

We had two choice projects left to do before the end of the semester and to be honest I was freaking out. I didn't have any idea what I wanted to until this idea came to me as I was doing my math homework while listening to 'Photograph' by Ed Sheeran.  That song was pretty much my inspiration for this project, in the song Sheeran talks about how pictures capture and hold memories forever and that you'll always have them and they're yours, only you really know what's going on at the moment that picture was taken. Since it was close to the end of 2014 I decided to put a bunch of the picture I had taken over the course of the year and make them look like Polaroids and at the bottom of each picture I wrote a little bit of the lyrics from the chorus of  'Photograph', I attempted to match the lyric to the picture as best as I could. I then tried to put all the picture in order of when I took them throughout the year, like the one of my best friends was taken in January at one of our sleepovers, and the last picture, the selfie of me, was taken one night toward the end of December. Originally I was going to have them spread out all over a table, but when I talked to Mrs. Rossi she thought it looked kind of empty and that it needed more to it. So I was talking to Alison in homeroom and she suggested I make it look like a bulletin board instead and have little notes and stuff all around the pictures. I loved that idea, so I went home that night and I switched out the table background to a cork board background and I added push pins on top of each picture so it was like each one was pinned on the board. Then I made a bunch of little sticky notes and made it look like they were pinned on the board as well. Each of the notes are actual stuff I had planned that week so it was actually like the calendar I have in my room. The last thing I did was go back and make it more me, I guess you could say. Each of the little sticker things are actual things I would put in my room or things that I really like, like the black X is on the cover of one of the CDs I have, stuff like that. I think this was my favorite project I did this semester, it's really personal and means a lot to me. I'm actually planning on enlarging it and printing it out to put up on my wall in my room.

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