Monday, June 2, 2014

Final Parallel Project

The story I choose to do for this project was how Russia used the 2014 Sochi Olympics to cover up how they were attacking the Ukraine. First I took the olympic rings and added a picture from one of the winter olympic sports inside each ring. As the background I choose a picture that was taken during one of the Ukraine protest against Putin and his Russian army.  I left the rings at full opacity to show that's what the media was focusing on and lowered the opacity of each sport some to show that was a little less interest, but the background picture had the lowest opacity to show how little attention this was receiving compared to the Olympics. The reason I left it so you could see through the rings was to show how Russia may have been doing a pretty good job at covering up what they were doing to the Ukraine, but the rest of the world could still see what was going on and help. 

12 Days of Photoshop: Day 11

Today we had to create a gif showing movement. We got to choose whatever we wanted, so I choose a sailboat and decided to show it moving through the water. After I found the picture I wanted to use I had to cut around the sailboat and copy and paste it so I could use it over and over. I then moved it to make it look like it was slowly moving across the water. On each frame I would have to go back and cover up where you could still see the boat from the frame before. All I had to do after that was animate it.  

12 Days of Photoshop: Day 9

Today we had to turn a pop icon of our choice into a statue. I choose to turn Captain America into the Cristo Redentor in Rio. First I crop part of the picture of the Cristo so it would fit the picture I found of Captain America. Then I moved the picture of Captain America so it fit over the Cristo Redentor. Then I duplicated the Cristo and warped it to fit over Captain America. Next I erased the extra parts around Captain America and fixed the background so it looks like all clouds and not the original statue.