Thursday, March 20, 2014

Typography Project

For this project we had to choose an object or person and go over it with the word of that object. I really didn't know what do to so I ended up choosing the Superman Logo because I was wearing a Superman shirt that day. First I started by outlining the black parts of the symbol using the path tool to follow the lines of the picture. Then I did the blue background just typing Superman over and over, making sure it didn't run over the logo. I didn't know of a way to make the yellow and red parts fit inside the lines using the path tool, so I typed each individual letter and rasterized it so I could transform and warp each letter to fit inside the lines. Next I changed the colors so it match the original symbol. Finally I went back and erased any parts that were overlapping.  

Monday, March 17, 2014

Snapshot #1: Time

Artists Collaborate: At the beginning of this project I didn't really have any idea of how to incorporate time into a piece. So Marissa and I spent some time brainstorming a bunch of ideas. She came up with the idea of using Peter Pan and doing something related to that. My original idea was to draw Peter, Wendy, John, and Michael fling off to Neverland as kids, like in the Disney classic. Then I was going to draw the same picture again but Wendy, John, and Michael would be grown up, about mid-twenties. As I was working on the sketches of each character Mr. Sands and I started talking about my idea and what other things I could do. Mr. Sands suggested that instead of the kids being mid-twenties in the second picture maybe make them older like in their sixties, but as we continued talking Mr. Sands said what if they were flying over on of the kids' funerals. I wasn't a huge fan of the idea at first but when Marissa chimed in and suggested that it just be Peter flying over all three graves I couldn't resists how perfect the idea was even it is extremely depressing.    

Artists Solve Problems: At first I didn't really have any idea of what I could do. All I could think of was ideas that were over done like the different seasons and a sunset. After brainstorming with Marissa I finally came up with the idea of drawing Peter Pan, Wendy, John, and Michael flying off to Neverland once as kids and again in their twenties all grown up. About halfway through my first sketches, Mr. Sands and Marissa gave me another idea that completely change my original concept. I had to pretty much change everything that I was working on to fit the new idea of Peter Pan flying over Wendy, John, and Michael's graves. With the new idea I was able to start the final painting without having to draw more practice sketches. 
Artists Create Original Art: I know that Peter Pan isn't my own idea but I worked really hard to make sure my recreation looked as much like him as I could do. I think I spent about two days or so recreating each character so they looked a lot like the characters from the Disney classic. Peter Pan is probably my favorite Disney movie so it was important for me to make sure they looked recognizable. I liked the idea of bringing something that I loved so much as a kid and making it apart of something that I love doing now.   

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Mini Project


So while all the art teachers were gone we all had a few option for a mini project to do. One of the options was to create something related to the word space. I decided to draw a telescope in a backyard looking up at a shooting star in the night sky. I first sketched it in pencil.  Then I outlined it in black pen and colored it with colored pencils. 

Monday, March 10, 2014

Text Project (Part 2)

Today we continued working with text of Photoshop.We learned how to download fonts and how to have the text follow the lines of a picture. I just took the lyrics of a song and had them follow the lines of the lipstick stain. So the lyrics went along with the picture. 

Friday, March 7, 2014

Text Project

For this project we got to play around with all the different text options on Photoshop. Some of the settings are the same as the ones on other programs like Word but others are different and you can do so many other things. I decided to play around with the different settings. I changed the basics first like font style and size. Then I changed the warp text so it looked like it was bulging in the middle. Then I changed the colors so it looked tie-dyed. Finally I changed the background with the gradient tool. 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Animation Project

For this project we had to create our own character and animate it. First I had to come up with a character and draw him in the first walking position. Then I had to re-draw him again on each layer in a different position, eight total. Next I had to animate each layer and change the speed so it looked like he was walking. When I finally got it at the right speed, I had to save it as a GIF and upload it to the blog.