Monday, January 27, 2014

Frog Tongue

Our second project was to Photoshop a frog on top of a tongue to make it look like the tongue was shaped like a frog. First we had to crop the frog on top of the original tongue. Then we had to change the color of the frog so it matched the color of the tongue, to do that we had to copy the colors on the tongue and place them on the frog. Next you  had to erase the bad legs on the frog and finally add a small shadow behind the frog to make it look realistic.  

Angry Pancakes


Our first Photoshop project was to create an angry pancake. We had to take a stack of pancakes and add a mouth on the stack to make it look angry. First we had to make a hole on the middle of the stack and then size the mouth so it would fit in between the pancakes. After that we had ti blend the mouth so it looked like it was part of the pancakes originally.  

Friday, January 10, 2014

Character Project


For this project we each had to create at least two character, a protagonist and an antagonist, and create a story to go along with them. First I had to come up with the characters and what I wanted their story to be. I ended up creating Ali Steele, a seventeen year old "hipster" who just moved to Chicago, and Zayn Malik, an eighteen year "badboy" who always gets what he wants. I just started sketching what I wanted them to look like and found some references to help me draw different body positions and clothes. Then I started on their story and setting. I decided that the scene would be in one of the school's hallways and that Zayn would try and kiss Ali even though she has a boyfriend and doesn't like Zayn at all. At the end if the scene Zayn traps Ali against one wall, feeling defenseless Ali knees Zayn in the crotch. Once he recovers Zayn pulls Ali back and slaps her across the face warning her that she will regret ever messing with him. After drawing the environment, I started on the final copy. I drew it in pencil first, then outlined of parts with a fine tip Sharpie, and colored the rest with the water-colored pencils. This was my favorite project and I think it turned out really well. 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


I had a lot of fun creating these characters. They're both in high school so I just used things that I've seen/experienced but exaggerated those characteristics/events a lot. Ali has a very "hipster-like" style, she wears a lot of band tees, skinny jeans, converses/vans, and the occasional beanie. I felt like this would work well with her personality and the fact that she lives in Chicago. Zayn is your stereotypical "badboy" with the black leather jacket, t-shirts,  dark skinny jeans, and vans. He wears a lot of black which fits very well with his personality and helps give that dangerous-mysterious vibe.
Let's start with Zayn Malik... a sleeve of tattoos, a pack of cigarettes in his pocket, and that leather jacket that he always seems to have on, it wasn't hard to tell that he was trouble. Well that and the fact that he's seen the back of a cop car one to many times to be only eighteen years old. Zayn gets what he wants...always. And right now his eyes are set on one thing the new girl, Ali. Alison "Ali" Steele is seventeen years old and has just moved to Chicago at the start of her junior year, things started off well she'd made a lot of friends and even started dating a guy, Harry Styles. But when Ali meets Zayn she realizes that Zayn's not going to give up after just saying no.