Tuesday, January 7, 2014


I had a lot of fun creating these characters. They're both in high school so I just used things that I've seen/experienced but exaggerated those characteristics/events a lot. Ali has a very "hipster-like" style, she wears a lot of band tees, skinny jeans, converses/vans, and the occasional beanie. I felt like this would work well with her personality and the fact that she lives in Chicago. Zayn is your stereotypical "badboy" with the black leather jacket, t-shirts,  dark skinny jeans, and vans. He wears a lot of black which fits very well with his personality and helps give that dangerous-mysterious vibe.
Let's start with Zayn Malik... a sleeve of tattoos, a pack of cigarettes in his pocket, and that leather jacket that he always seems to have on, it wasn't hard to tell that he was trouble. Well that and the fact that he's seen the back of a cop car one to many times to be only eighteen years old. Zayn gets what he wants...always. And right now his eyes are set on one thing the new girl, Ali. Alison "Ali" Steele is seventeen years old and has just moved to Chicago at the start of her junior year, things started off well she'd made a lot of friends and even started dating a guy, Harry Styles. But when Ali meets Zayn she realizes that Zayn's not going to give up after just saying no.  

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