Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Everyday Object

The topic for this project was "Everyday Object" and we got the chance to choose whatever subject we wanted as long as it related back to the main theme. I thought a lot about what subject I was going to use. My first though was to do a few stuffed animals in my room from when I was little, but I couldn't find a composition I really liked. I ended up just walking around my room playing around with different objects I could possibly use, that's when I came up with the idea to use a bunch of my CDs that were on my shelf. I pretty much just sat on my floor randomly arranging them in different ways until I came up with a few different compositions that I liked. For this project we had to use oil paint. Personally I'm not a huge fan of painting but I really liked the way the oils blend on the canvas. After I painted a light pink wash on my canvas I drew out my design so I had an idea of where everything would go. Then I started painting, I started off with the Ed Sheeran CD, the green one with the black X, because it was the largest and I figured it would take the most time. I was right it did take the most time because it had the most value in it. Next I went on to the 5 Seconds of Summer CD, the white one with the black squiggle thing on it. It really wasn't that hard but it took a while because you had to constantly go over the white paint so you wouldn't see the pink wash behind it. After that I went on to the Little Mix CD, the blue one with the yellow cloud. For this CD I had to figure out a way to make the yellow paint look cloud like, I tried a bunch of different techniques but the way that worked the best was to dab the yellow paint over the blue and then go back and add more paint where it was needed. The last CD is the One Direction CD, this one was difficult because I has to figure out a way to make the oil paint look like the spray paint texture that is used on the real CD. I don't think it worked that well because oil paint and spray paint are so different but all I did was paint a layer of white and the slowly add black, the amount depended on how much value was in that part of the picture. The last thing I did was paint the red background, at first I was just going to leave the pink wash but I really didn't like the pink with all the other colors in the painting. Since green was the most dominate color, I choose red for the background because red is green's compliment.

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