Monday, May 12, 2014

Final: Perspective Project

Artist Collaborate: The Perspective project was a group project so there was a lot of collaboration throughout. We all worked together to come up with ideas and pick which one we were going to do. Since we decided to use duct tape, we all had to take turns to go out and buy it. With this project being out in the courtyard everyone would walk by it and a lot of people would comment on it telling us that it looked good and sometimes give us feedback on what to fix. It helped to have other people tell us what they saw especially if they were tall because most of our group is short so it gave us a range of what people saw and how it looked.

Artist Reflect: Throughout the project we would stop a lot and reflect on what we had gotten done. By the second day we got done with the "P" and had started on the "R" but then we discovered that the "P" was off and had to go back and fix it. The next day we finished the "R" but when we went to look back on it, it didn't look right so we took most of it down and started over. We finally decided to move on and work on the "IDE" and go back late to finish the "P" and "R." Every once in a while we would go back a check to make sure all the letters we're lining up and that they were in the right spot.

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