Thursday, May 15, 2014

12 Days of Photoshop: Day 4

For today's project we had to take something normal and add an abnormal twist to it, something extreme! At first was stuck and had no idea what to do. My first idea was to make it look like it was raining candy but I didn't feel like that was extreme enough. So I  thought about it some more and decided that it would be really cool to make it look like there was a tornado inside a snow globe, like when you shake it instead of snow so see a tornado start to spin. After I found the pictures I was going to use I cut around the tornado and pasted it inside the snow globe. Then I curved the top of the funnel cloud to fit the shape of the globe. Next I went around and erased where you could see parts of the clouds. Finally I copied the background picture and lowered the opacity so it looked like the tornado was actually inside the snow globe. 

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