Monday, February 24, 2014

Snapshot #2: Appropriation


4. Artists take risks: 
For this project I decided to do it in Oil Pastels which I only used a few times before. It took some time to blend the colors together and make them look good. 

6. Artists solve problems:
I had a lot of challenges during this project because for most of the project I had to use my left hand. Since I'd sprained my right arm and  couldn't use it I had to use my left hand. I'd never had to use my left hand for any project before so it was difficult to work with.  

7. Artists reflect:
Every once and a while I'd go back and look over what is done so far. After I'd finished planning I looked over my ideas to see if that's what I wanted to do. Then I looked back over everything after I finished sketching the final to make sure everything looked good.

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